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Mint India Restaurant Celebrates Indian Festival Season and Vegan Awareness Month

With incessant passion for the culinary creativity and customers’ unique palate in mind, the Mint India Restaurant, at the Durango location, is celebrating the Indian festival season and Vegan Awareness Month by going meatless on Sunday, October 1st.  Yes, NO MEAT dishes for a day during the buffet hours.

The celebratory vegetarian lunch buffet is inspired by the Gujarati specialties.  Chefs at the Mint India have prepared an extraordinary array of vegetarian “Gujarati Thali” menu in buffet style consisting of delicate appetizers, exotic vegetarian and vegan entrees along with multiple choices of desserts.

Mint India is located at 4246 South Durango [at Flamingo], Las Vegas.  Phone: 702-247-4610


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