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Mohammad Muner Charged with the Possession of Contraband Cigarettes. Pleads Guilty

The United States Attorney Office has charged Mohammed Muner (last name withheld) with the possession of contraband cigarettes totaling more than 10,000 which borne no evidence of the payment of applicable Nevada State or local taxes.  Currently, Mohammed is the owner of a smoke shop in Las Vegas.

Mohammad has pleaded guilty to the crime of possession of contraband cigarettes.  In return, the US Attorney has agreed to not to bring any additional charges as Mohammad plead guilty to the crime of possession of contraband cigarettes.

The prosecutors will recommend that Mohammad receive a two-level downward adjustment for acceptance of responsibility.  An additional one-level downward adjustment is possible for acceptance of responsibility before sentencing as Mohammad plead guilty in a timely manner that enabled the prosecutors to avoid preparing for trial.

The maximum penalty for Possession of Contraband Cigarettes is 5 years imprisonment, a fine of $250,000 or both.  In addition to imprisonment and a fine, the defendant Mohammad will be subject to a term of supervised release of not more than three years.

Defendant Mohammad has agreed to make a payment of $24,158, prior to the time of sentencing, to the government for taxes due on the contraband cigarettes he obtained during the course of the investigation leading the charges to which he is pleading guilty.

Mohammad has signed a personal recognizance bond with the United States District Court with a condition to surrender his passport and his travel is restricted to the Continental United States.

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