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Neel Khurana Not Competent to Stand Trial

In an ongoing saga of felony charges against Livleen “Neel” Khurana, the court has decided to keep Neel in custody.  In a recently held Competency Hearing, the court heard from the Physicians on Neels’ mental competency to stand trial related to his arrest.  After examining Neel, the Physicians have indicated that Neel is not competent as he is not capable of understanding the charges against him and is unable to assist his lawyers in his defense.

A person is mentally incompetent to stand trial if he or she is unable to understand the character and consequences of the proceedings against him or her or is unable properly to assist in his or her defense. The defendant must understand the charges against him or her and must have the ability to aid his or her attorney in his or her own defense.

The judge has remanded Neel to the custody of the Administrator of the Division of Mental Health Development Services at a secure facility operated by the Division.  Once competency has been established, the Defendant Neel will be returned to the court for findings and for further proceedings.

Earlier, since April 28th, Neel was in custody at the Clark County Detention Center and was charged with multiple felony counts.  The charges are Home Invasion, Burglary, Arson – 1st and 3rd degree, four counts of Attempted Murder, Child Abuse & Neglect, Destroy or Injure Real or Personal Property of another, along with a charge of Domestic Violence, a misdemeanor.

A criminal complaint was filed on April 28th, 2017.  On May 3rd, the bail was denied and Neel continued to be in custody at the Clark County Detention Center.  On the same day, the Request for Evaluation for Competency was filed.  A competency evaluation is an assessment of the ability of a defendant Neel Khurana to understand and rationally participate in a court process and proceed to trial.


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