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Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners Files a Complaint Against Dr. Ravi Krishnan, M.D. and Dr. Irfan Mirza, M.D.

The NV State Board of Medical Examiners Investigative Committee has filed a complaint against Dr. Ravi Krishnan, M.D., and Dr. Irfan Mirza, M.D., with a reasonable basis to believe that Drs. Krishnan and Mirza violated Nevada’s current Medical Practice Act.

Dr. Ravi Krishnan, M.D. – The Investigative Complaint accuses Dr. Krishna of one count of the violation of statutes and regulations of the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy. As per Nevada law, the Board will set up a time and place for a formal hearing after holding an early case conference.

Dr. Krishnan holds an active license to practice medicine in Nevada. Additionally, Krishnan holds an active Controlled Substance Registration Certificate issued by the Pharmacy Board. It is alleged that while serving as the Medical Director of Bright Future Pediatrics, Dr. Krishna authorized and permitted the practice manager at Bright Future Pediatrics to purchase, access, store, possess, furnish and/or dispense dangerous drugs with unrestricted and unsecured access to dangerous drugs at Bright Futures. The practice manager was not a licensed practitioner. The complaint also alleges Dr. Krishna authorized the practice manager to dispense dangerous drugs without a prescription to persons with whom Dr. Krishna had no direct contact, did not examine, and had neither diagnosed nor determined that a dangerous drug was medically necessary. After an investigation, Dr. Krishna accepted the Pharmacy Board stipulation as a public reprimand regarding his duties and responsibilities as a practitioner. He agreed to pay a fine and reimburse the Pharmacy Board for a portion of the costs incurred in the investigation and prosecution.

Dr. Ravi Krishnan, M.D. is a graduate of the University of Madras, Madras, India, with a medical residency in Pediatrics from St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital, New York, NY. Dr. Krishnan completed his Neo/Perinatal Med Fellowship at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Detroit, MI.

Dr. Irfan Mirza, M.D. – The Investigative Complaint accuses Dr. Mirza of one count of disciplinary action by the Arizona Medical Board. The Board will set up a time and place for a formal hearing after holding an early case conference. As per Nevada laws, any disciplinary action taken by another state or the surrender of a license while under investigation by any licensing authority is grounds for initiating disciplinary action.

Dr. Mirza holds a license to practice medicine in Nevada and, with certain restrictions, in Arizona. In March 2022, Dr. Mirza was disciplined when the Arizona Medical Board entered an order for a letter of reprimand and probation for two years with certain terms and conditions. The conditions included that Dr. Mirza must complete fifteen hours of continuing medical education; complete the professional and problem-based ethics program; enter into a contract with a monitoring company to perform periodic chart reviews; and obey all state, federal, and local laws governing the practice of medicine in Arizona. The investigation and basis for discipline by the Arizona Board resulted from Dr. Mirza prescribing Soma to his patient for long-term use without clinical justification; failed to address his patient’s aberrant behaviors, and failed to perform urinary drug screens prior to prescribing controlled substances to his patient.

Dr. Irfan Mirza, M.D., graduated from Liaquat Medical College, Jamshoro, Pakistan. He completed his Internal Medicine residency at the Brookdale University Hospital, Brooklyn, NY, followed by a Fellowship in Cardiovascular Diseases from the State University of New York, Brooklyn, NY.

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