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Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners Files a Complaint Against Dr. Vishal Shah, M.D.

Dr. Vishal Shah, M.D., is accused by the investigative committee of the Medical Board of one count of malpractice and one count of failure to maintain complete medical records. The investigative committee believes Dr. Shah violated the Medical Practices Act, accusing him of failing to use reasonable care, skill, or knowledge ordinarily used under similar circumstances when he failed to physically examine the Patient after the substantial warning signs. Additionally, Dr. Shah is charged with failing to correctly document the severity of Patient’s status throughout under his care, and failing to leave completed and accurate medical records for the following attending physicians. 

In a commitment to serve and protect Nevadans, the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners is in a continuous battle to enforce Nevada medical laws, ensuring that only well-qualified, competent physicians and other medical service providers receive licenses to practice in Nevada. The Board responds expeditiously to complaints against licensees by conducting fair, complete investigations that result in appropriate action.

As per the complaint, a patient, a 41-year-old female at the time of the events, was admitted to the Centennial Hills Hospital for a suicide attempt and overdose of multiple drugs, including Benadryl, Cymbalta, and Ambien. The Patient was put on a ventilator and placed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital. After a few days, the Patient was weaned off the ventilator and transferred to a regular floor. The Patient improved her condition and was “on room air” without needing supplemental oxygen. However, her condition started to deteriorate in the coming days.

Dr. Vishal Shah. Picture courtesy Las Vegas Business Press

While at the hospital, the Physical Therapist and Nurse documented shortness of breath. It is alleged that the Patient was not re-examined after her physical deterioration by Dr. Shah. After an hour, a progress note from the same RN stated that the Patient complained of increased breathing labor. Breathing treatment was ordered; however, she showed no improvement. Later in the afternoon, the pulmonologist and infectious disease physician examined the Patient and requested a couple of tests on the Patient. However, the accused, Dr. Shah, wrote the discharge summary for the Patient with a note to the RN to contact the Patient’s pulmonologist to see if the Patient needs additional orders. Per the complaint, Dr. Shah had no further contact with the Patient or medical staff. The next day, in the early morning, the Patient’s health deteriorated quickly and was pronounced dead.  

Dr. Vishal Shah is a graduate of Pravara Med Trust’s Rural Med College, Loni, India, with an internship, residency, and fellowship from Selma Family Medicine / Selma, Alabama. Shah was originally licensed to practice in the State of Nevada in 2014 and Arizona in 2017.

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