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New Indian Senior Citizens Group of Las Vegas to be Formed

With the growing and aging Indian community population, the Indian seniors’ group is being formed by some of the active well-established community members.  The seniors’ population is growing as many families along with retirees from the Indian sub-continent are moving to Southern Nevada.  With enormous in-depth intellectual capital and financial stability among the community seniors, the group will provide a platform to share members’ past and present global professional and personal experiences. 

The planned Indian Senior Citizens Group of Las Vegas will engage the community seniors to pursue an active lifestyle with regular meetings and outings.  The group could turn into a support group for its’ members during challenging times. The plan for the group to be secular in nature and members will be admitted from the diverse Indian communities only with no religious connotation or affiliation. The atmosphere would be welcoming, comfortable and relaxed with no personal agenda. 

The planned agenda of the proposed group is:

  • To meet regularly at a public place like a community hall, parks and other public facilities.
  • The frequency of the get-togethers will depend upon the need and the input from the members of the group.
  • To invite experts and speakers to provide info on Seniors’ related issues like health care, estate planning, personal safety and security issues, etc. 
  • To regularly invite local professional and amateur artists from the community for entertainment and dining.
  • To organize local and out-of-town trips.  Go on excursions, from dining out to entertainment venues Las Vegas and other neighboring cities has to offer. 
  • To encourage group members to organize informational seminars based on their pre-retirement professional expertise.
  • And the most important, accommodate and give company to lonely seniors.

The organizers are planning to form a group with no leadership titles. The initial thought is to form a group with no membership fees or any other financial obligations.  With no financial commitment, all the members will be responsible for their own individual expenses. The team will be all volunteers and will help recruit other seniors to attend the meetings and outings

There are few founding members from the community who have shown interest in organizing this group.  The founding group has decided to delegate the initial formation responsibilities to Ashok Goyal to move further in engaging the community seniors to form this notable group.  For further information, please contact, Ashok Goyal at 702.683.1386 or via email

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3 Comments to New Indian Senior Citizens Group of Las Vegas to be Formed

  1. Peter says:

    I agree completely with Jagdishbhai. Recent
    demonstration in India against CAA and NRC is now proved to be financed by ISI , Pakistani organisation s based in and out of Pakistan. They funded SIMI and PFI like Indian Muslim Organizations with congress and anti social elements. Pakistan even printed fake Indian rupees where Pakistani rupees are printed . Guys Chill out – Democracy is becoming stronger with the removal of dirty politics!!

    • Sadroo Lalani says:

      Is this going to be anti-Pakistani group? I hope not. Let us all southern Asians unite as one group without prejudice against one or more community.

  2. Admin says:

    After consulting with other organizers, Mr. Ashok Goyal has informed this publication that at this time the group is open to Indians only.

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