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NV State Board of Medical Examiners Investigates Dr. Teena Tandon, M.D.

The Investigative Committee of the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners filed a formal two-count complaint against Dr. Teena Tandon, M.D., alleging two Nevada Medical Practice Act violations. The alleged charges include Malpractice and Violating Standards of Practice Established by Regulation.

Per the investigative charges, a patient was brought into the Emergency by an ambulance with a complaint of pain over her entire body. After talking to the patient’s family, it was determined that she was suffering from alcohol withdrawal and, was under the influence of opioid medication and had fallen and cut her face. Per the complaint, the patient was given a liter of saline before receiving lab results. Lab results showed the patient had a low sodium concentration. Later, the patient’s serum sodium level raised to a level considered a rapid correction. Despite the rapid correction, the saline treatment was not stopped when the lab reports were received. 

Per the complaint, it is alleged that Dr. Tandon did not adhere to the standards of care for a patient with hyponatremia or a low sodium concentration by not recognizing that the patient was at risk for rapid correction or had started rapid correction. Further, the complaint states that Dr. Tandon did not order a serum sodium laboratory report immediately. Instead, Dr. Tandon ordered the sodium serum test three to four hours after the patient’s arrival.

Dr. Teena Tandon

On the second count, it is alleged that Dr. Tandon, as required under the law, failed to timely seek consultation concerning the patient’s medical condition and rapid correction. Dr. Tandon should have consulted with an appropriate care provider to address the doubtfulness of the diagnosis of the patient’s medical condition. A nephrology consult was requested, but long after, the patient had been exhibiting symptoms of rapid correction in her serum sodium levels. 

As per the Medical Practices Act under the Nevada Revised Statutes, physician malpractice is grounds for initiating a disciplinary action by the Medical Board against a licensee. NRS defines Malpractice as “the failure of a physician, in treating a patient, to use the reasonable care, skill, or knowledge ordinarily used under similar circumstances.

Previously, as reported by ProAssurance, Dr. Tandon settled a malpractice case with a $1 million judgment for an alleged failure to recognize critical hyponatremia and failure to stop sodium infusion, resulting in severe neurological damage.

Dr. Teena Tandon is a graduate of Government Medical College, Chandigarh, Punjab, India. Tandon completed his medical internship and residency at the University Medical Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, and completed her fellowship in Neurology at the Indiana School of Medicine, Indianapolis, Indiana.

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