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NV State Governor’s Race Heating Up. Community Donates Heavily to Democrat Candidates

With primary elections a few months away, the candidates for the Office of the Governor are frantically raising funds for one of the most noticeable 2018 political race, the Nevada State Governor.

As of December 2017, the local Indian sub-continent community has donated approximately $109,000 to the three leading candidates for the Governor, with Democrat Steve Sisolak leading in a money game, followed by Democrat Chris Giunchigliani and Republican Adam Laxalt. Interestingly most of the donors are the first time donors to any of the political campaigns.  Most of the Physicians (Cardiologists) donating to Steve Sisolak campaign work for the Nevada Heart and Vascular Center.  Additionally, a separate $10,000 donation was made to Steve Sisolak campaign by the Nevada Heart and Vascular Center.

County Commissioner Steve Sisolak has raised $74,750 in cash and $11,800 in an in-kind donation, while Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani took over $15,500 from the Indo-Pak community.  Republican Attorney General Adam Laxalt came out last with a total of $6,850 from five donors.  The largest donation to Adam Laxalt came from M. Nafees Nagy family totaling $5,050.

Contributions to Commissioner Steve Sisolak  – $86,550
Amal Ghuman 5,000
Amar Chada 1,000
Arjun Gururaj MD 1,000
Asher Shahzad M.D. PC 1,000
Paul Padda Law, PLLC 750
Bhatia Ventures LLC – In-Kind 5,000
Bhupinder Bhatti 1,000
Bhupinder S. Bhatti 5,000
Branavan Umakanthan 1,000
Chowdhury Ahsan M.D., P.C. 1,000
Deepak Sharma M.D. Ltd 1,000
Deepali Kashyap MD PLLC 500
Dhaval Shah MD PC 500
Ejaz Kamboj 500
Faisal Suba 1,000
Fareed Sheikh 1,000
Farus Farmanali 1,000
Gautham Reddy 1,000
Gurinder Paul Sandhu 250
Harshal Desai 250
Harvinder Gill 2,000
Himanshu Bhatia 10,000
Jaldeep Daulat D.O., Professional Corporation 7,500
Jaldeep Daulat D.O., Professional Corporation 1,000
Janda Mahajan & Balsiger PLLC 1,000
Jaswinder S Gover MD, LTD 7,500
Karamjit S Lubana 500
LK Modi 5,000
Priti Narula 1,000
Pritpal Bhatti 1,000
Promila Singal 2,500
R.D. Prabhu/Lata Shete M.D. Ltd. 1,000
Raj Chanderraj 1,000
RD Prabhu-Lata Shete MD LTD 1,000
Russell & Diph Shah – In-Kind 6,800
Russell Shah 1,000
Sanjay Malhotra Prof Corp 1,000
Shahabuddin Khan, MD, Ltd. 1,000
Sunil Kalla, M.D. P.C. 1,000
Umer Z. Malik 5,000
Contributions to Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani – $ 15,554
Ali Rizvi 250
Amir Aftab 200
Arjun Gururaj 1,000
Asher Shahzad, MD, PC 250
Azam Hakim 250
Bankruptcy of Prem Kittusamy 250
Branavan Umakanthan 1,000
Burhan Chinikhanwala 250
Chowdhury Ahsan MD PC 1,000
Ejaz Kamboj 250
Faisal Suba 250
Fareed Sheikh 1,000
Hardeep Sull 27
Hassanali Sewani 250
Kamran Khan, MD, PC 250
Qamar Faridi 1,000
Radha Chanderraj 127
Raj Chanderraj 1,000
Raja Majid 250
Raja S Mehdi 250
Ramamoorthy Subramanian 250
Sanjay Malhotra Prof Corp 1,000
Shahabuddin Kahn 1,000
Sull & Associates 200
Sunil Kalla MD PC 1,000
Zaffar Iqbal 2,000
Zahid Hamid 1,000
Contributions to Commissioner Adam Laxalt – $ 6,850
Arvind Menon 500
Jaswinder S. Grover 1,000
M. Nafees Nagy 2,500
Raveendra Suryadevara 50
Raveendra Suryadevara 250
Shamim N. Nagy 50
Shamim N. Nagy 2,500

In other prominent races, Sheriff Lombardo (Non-Partisan) got $2,000 from R. D. Prabhu and $250 from Sanjeeta Khurana.  Aaron Ford (Democrat), a candidate for Attorney General, raised $ 5,300 from the community – Faisal Suba $1,000, Hanadi Nadeem $300, Padda Law Firm $1,500, R.D. Prabhu $500, and Raj Chanderraj $2,000.  Kate Marshall (Democrat), who is running for the Nevada Lt. Governor raised $2,250.  The three donors to Kate Marshall campaign are R.D. Prabhu $1,000, Nafees Nagy $1,000 and Paul Padda $250 (in-kind donation).

Let the 2018 Campaign Begins…

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