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Memorial Service – Milly Edwin, 88

Friends and a family member of Milly Edwin would like to invite the community for Milly’s memorial service on Saturday, April 11th 2015 at the Trinity United Methodist Church, 6151 West Charleston Blvd. at 1145am.  Forty years plus Las Vegan Milly, the Matriarch of the Indian community, passed away last month.

Milly’s mother died when she was just three months old and was raised by her maternal aunt and uncle.  Milly’s father made sure that she got the best education available at that time in Madras.  Milly attended Northwick Girls High Secondary School in Madras.  After graduating from high school Milly joined Methodist Nursing school – Ellen Thoburn Cowen Memorial (ETCM) School and College of Nursing in Kolar, Karnataka.  It is at ETCM, where Milly met Leela Abraham and they became the life long friends.

After graduating from ETCM, Milly moved to Delhi and worked at the Hospital School of Nursing.  Later Milly joined Lady Linlithgow Sanatorium for TB Nursing at Kasauli, near Shimla, in Northern India.   After spending over four years, Milly moved back to Delhi as an RN Supervisor at the local hospital.  Milly took additional responsibilities of teaching new nursing students at Lady Harding Medical College, Delhi.

In mid-sixties, Milly got a job offer from a hospital in Philadeplhia and worked one year in the Exchange Nursing Program.  From Philadelphia, Milly moved to work at the University of Virginia Hospital.  In early 1970’s,  Milly moved to Las Vegas to work at Southern Nevada Memorial Hospital, now known as UMC where she worked on the Surgical floor.  Milly (along with Leela) joined Trinity Methodist Church and have been faithful member since early seventies. 

On Valentine’s Day – February 14th 2010, the church honored Milly, along with Leela, for their dedicated service to the community.  Then NV Governor, Jim Gibbons, issued a certificate of recognition in recognition of her excellence in service and in faith as a citizen of Las Vegas.  At the same time Mayor Oscar Goodman issued a proclamation proclaiming February 14th 2010 as Milly Edwin (and Leela Abraham) Day in the City of Las Vegas.

With sharp mind, outwit and vivacious personality, Milly always engaged audience with energetic and intellectual discussions on wide range of social and political issues.  On daily basis, Milly dedicatedly watched the evening news.  Milly always reminiscence her Delhi stay in sixties with fond memories of enjoying Delhi’s Chandni Chowk to being in love with watching Hindi movies in Connaught Place.  

Milly had a taste for good wine and food.  For the past couple of years she loathed being stuck at home with no outdoor activities or dining out.  She was passionate about her food whether it was a spicy chicken from KFC or her favorite Thai food from Komol kitchen.  On her 87th birthday she had a sumptuous luncheon at Maggianos Italian at the Fashion Show mall. She thoroughly enjoyed the wine, appetizers, main course and a dessert.  Milly was surprised that how much dining scene has changed in Las Vegas.  She wanted to dine out more often and at different restaurants in the valley.  Her health was deteriorating fast.  For the past couple of years she was unable to move around and started having issues with her vision.  On her 88th birthday, Milly unable to get out and in frail condition asked for a simple McDonald breakfast.  For the past five years every Sunday Milly enjoyed the home cooked vegetarian meal provided by the local Guru Nanak Gurudwara Sahib.  Every Sunday Gurudwara  Sahib volunteer delivered the home cooked meal to Milly and Leela.  Last year, Milly along with her friend Leela visited Gurudwara Sahib to thank the Punjabi community for their generosity in providing home cooked meals on a regular basis.  Occasionally, Origin India Restaurant provided complimentary non-vegetarian meal to Milly and Leela.

With no immediate member of the family in the United States, her local friends from the Church and Indian community were her family.  She was a unique, thoughtful, caring, strong and most importantly a Matriarch of the Indian Tamil and Kerala community.  She left the community with many memories of early Indian community settlers in Las Vegas.

Friends of Milly held a prayer meeting in her room at the hospice before the mortuary picked up Milly for her last journey.  The cremation took place without any viewing services.  

 Milly on Valentines’ Day

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