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Pakistan Consulate Visits Las Vegas for Consular Camps

The Consulate General of Pakistan Los Angeles is pleased to announce the holding its second Consular Camp of 2016 in Las Vegas on Saturday, September 24th, 2016.

The Camps aim at providing Consular Services, including issuance of Pakistani visas, attestation of Power of Attorneys and other documents,registration of US born children of Pakistani origin excluding NICOP applications, which may be applied for through an on line system of NADRA by visiting the link

The Camp is organized with an active support of the Pakistan Association of Las Vegas (Nevada).

Location – Masjid Thaweed 8160 West Viking Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89103

Timing of the Consular Camp will be from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm


Documentation Checklist for Consular Services

Visa – Pakistan Origin Individuals

     Complete visa forms  – printed and signed by the applicant

     Two photographs with white background

     Copy of US Passport

     Copy of Pakistani Passport or CNIC/NICOP

     Cashier’s Check or Money Order for US $192

Power of Attorney

     Personal presence is compulsory

     Original Power of Attorney and its copy

     Copy of Pakistani passport having CNIC number or CNIC/NICOP

     Original Pakistani passport (not very old) or CNIC/NICOP to be seen

     Cashier’s Check or Money Order for US $192 for each signature

In case of no Pakistani ID papers and having only US passport, the Power of Attorney must first be legalized by US State Department.  Consulate will only attest the seal and signature of US State Department.

Birth Registration

     Copy of Birth Certificate

     Copies of father’s and mother’s passports

     Two photographs with white background

     Cashier’s Check/Money Order for $10


For further information and document requirements, please visit or locally please contact Fayyaz Raja @ 702-321-4512


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