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Patel Films Releases Death Club on Amazon Prime

Las Vegans Chaitali and Neel Esh Patel are pleased to announce the release of their new film, Death Club, exclusively on Amazon Prime on Monday, October 27th, 2023. 

Death Club, the horror genre, released timing coincides with upcoming Halloween celebrations. The movie is about how five friends break into an abandoned dance club to party and vandalize the nightspot when they discover lost, unhappy spirits wandering inside the club. The spirits inside the dilapidated club decided to punish the intruders for their sins.

The abandoned dance club is nicknamed “Death Club” because of several overdoses, a handful of heart attacks, and at least two murders at the club while it was open. There are also rumors that the building is now haunted, which occasionally attracts people to break in. 

The five friends who break in on this particular night find out quickly that the rumors about “Death Club” being haunted are true. The spirits show their disappointment by tormenting each of their friends with personalized, supernatural punishments. DRINK, DANCE and DIE.

The film is also available on the Patel Films App. 

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