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Priest at the Hindu Temple of Las Vegas Resigns

After serving the Southern Nevada Hindu community for over 14 years, senior Priest Gopalakrishna Panchangam “Pandit Ji” has announced his resignation from the Hindu Temple of Las Vegas. 

Pandit Gopal ji was the first Hindu priest hired by the Hindu Mandir.  Pandit ji started in April 2001 and was instrumental in the inaugural festivities and blessing of the Mandir.  For over 10 years, beginning 2001, Pandit Gopalji along with his wife, Vani ji, spearheaded the day to day religious activities at the mandir.  With growing community and increasing demand for spiritual and religious services, the management hired a second priest from India – Pandit Brijesh Kumar Rawal. 

The Hindu community was blessed to have a learned religious intellectual Pandit ji – Gopalakrishna Panhangam, Ph.D. from Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India.  The community will miss him dearly and the congregation wishes him well with future endeavors.  

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