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Privileges Lost – Dr. Navneet Sharda Files Lawsuit Against Sunrise Hospital

Dr. Navneet Sharda sues Sunrise Hospital for lost privileges.


Dr. Sharda, a graduate of University of Utah School of Medicine, conducted specialty training at the University of Wisconsin, Division of Human Oncology and has been licensed to practice in Nevada since 1997.  In 2001, Sharda was granted temporary privileges at sunrise and its Division of Radiation Oncology wherein Sharda was granted the ability to use Sunrise facilities for inpatient consultation services and oncology surgical procedures.  In 2003, Sharda’s provisional status was advanced to Active Staff status and continued renewal of Active Status.  In November 2013, Sharda’s privileges at Sunrise lapsed.  Sunrise informed Sharda that his documentation requesting privileges and deficient and accordingly had lapsed.  Sharda alleges that he was not notified of these alleged deficiencies by Sunrise prior to November 2013.  Additionally, at the same time, Mountain View Hospital also notified Sharda of potential deficiencies at the same time.

In July 2015, Sharda submitted a request for consideration for the purposes of resuming his privileges with Sunrise. Later in August 2015, the committee informed Sharda that his request could not be processed for lack of proof of eligibility criteria for failure to provide the requested documentation.  In October, Sharda submitted a request for confirmation packet to Sunrise and during the submission period Sharda received a written request by another Sunrise Hospitalist Physician to meet with a patient with regard to an oncology opinion.  The request was made on behalf of patient’s treating physician Rita Maity.

After seeing the patient, Sunrise issued a cease and desist against Sharda preventing him from entering the premises of Sunrise.  Sunrise asserted that Sharda had no right to consult with patient at their premises.  In January 2016, Sunrise advised Sharda that his request for confirmation would likely be denied and that Sharda could enforce his right to a hearing and appeal based on Sunrise Bylaws.  The following six months, Sharda through his attorney, attempted to schedule a hearing for appeal.  It is alleged that Sunrise failed to provide Sharda with his requested hearing.  Despite making the timely request, Sharda was ignored for at least six months by Sunrise.

In February, 2016 Sunrise reported Sharda to the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) complaining, amongst other things, of consulting with a patient at Sunrise. It is alleged since March 2016, Sharda, by and through his counsel, attempted to set the fair hearing date with Sunrise to no avail.  Finally, in September 2016, Sunrise contacted Sharda’s counsel to receive an update regarding the fair hearing date.  However, Sharda still has no hearing date scheduled – more than half a year after his request.

It is further alleged that actions by Sunrise indicate a pattern of behavior designed to hinder deter Sharda’s medical practice and Sharda has been damaged, both economically and professionally, as a direct and proximate result of Sunrise’s action.

Sharda’s legal counsel is asking an award of punitive or exemplary damages in an amount to compensate Sharda for mental anguish, humiliation, and outrage that Sharda has suffered.  Sharda through his attorney is demanding a jury trial in this matter.

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