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Prominent Physician’s Daughter Pled Guilty to Conspiracy to Commit Burglary

The daughter (name and picture withheld) of a local well-known Indian-American Physician is arraigned for felony acts. Initially, the woman was charged with two felony counts, residential burglary, a category B felony, and grand larceny, a category D felony. 

As per the initial charges, the woman is accused of unlawfully and feloniously entering the premises of another woman (victim) with an intent to commit grand or petit larceny, assault, or battery and obtain money or property by false pretenses. On the second count, the perpetrator is accused of intent to deprive the victim of her property. 

The wealthy family hired a high-profile local criminal attorney to defend their highly accomplished Meadow school graduate, though currently unemployed, daughter, who was booked on an arrest warrant and released while the defense attorney continued negotiations with the court. The defendant unconditionally waived her right to a preliminary hearing and recently appeared in the District Court for arraignment. As per the defense attorney, an arrest warrant was issued, and he informed the court that his client is a long-term resident of Las Vegas with no prior felony convictions or history of violence.

As per the court records, the initial two felony charges were reduced to one count of conspiracy to commit burglary, a gross misdemeanor to which the defendant pled guilty and accepted by the court. The defendant will be sentenced shortly.

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One Comment to Prominent Physician’s Daughter Pled Guilty to Conspiracy to Commit Burglary


    Thank you for not maligning the Physician by withholding the name. I assume it would not have been news if the father was not a physician. Why is that ?

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