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Defrauded by Rahmans: Church says they are scammed out of thousands

Rahman Consulting – Najeeb, Faisal & Sherry Rahman; and Israr Ul Haq dba Carefree Travel Tours & Cruises are sued by a local Church for fraud.  It is alleged that defendants kept Church’s $185,000 that was to help buy a property.

In January 2015, the local Pentecostal Church entered into an agreement with Rahman Consulting for securing funding for the purchase of real property located at 2075 N. Lamb Blvd for the purchase price of $850,000.

It is alleged that Rahman Consulting is a fugitive entity that does not appear to be registered as a legal entity with the State of Nevada or dba with Clark County.  Court filing shows that it is believed that Najeeb, Faisal and Sherry Rahman all do business as Rahman Consulting.  Recently, Najeeb Rahman has been released from the federal prison.  In the past, Najeeb Rahman had pleaded guilty to aggravated identity theft and committing fraudulent transactions with access devices. 

In order to convince the Pentecostal Church that Rahman Consulting was financially strong Rahman Consulting provided a letter from North American Financial which stated they have reviewed Rahman’s financial data and confirmed proof of funds on deposit in the amount of over $3 million.  Additionally, Rahman Consulting provided several banks statements to the Church.  In February 2015, Rahman Consulting claimed to control an average balance of well over $12 million.  

Under the funding agreement, the Pentecostal Church was obligated to make certain payments, totaling $310,000 to Rahman Consulting in order to secure the loan.  The Church fully paid the said amount to Rahman.  In return, Rahman Consulting promised to secure the loan for the remaining purchase price via a loan to the Church at interest rates of 6% to 8%.  The initial payment check for $310,000 was endorsed and cashed by Sherry Rahman. 

For closing escrow, Rahman Consulting deposited two checks into the escrow account.  First check for $150,000 came from Israr U Haq dba Carefree Travel Tours & Cruises while the other check for $100,000 was written by Rahman Consulting.  Additionally, Rahman Consulting wrote a check for $500,000 to NV Title Company from the Bahrain based Albaraka Islamic Bank.  All the checks failed to clear.

It is alleged that Rahman Consulting failed to secure the funding as promised and failed to return the deposit to Pentecostal Church.  As of today the Church has recovered only $125,000 of the total $310,000 paid to Rahman Consulting.  Recovered money came from the NV title out of the escrow account.  The church has been wrongfully deprived of $185,000 of its cash deposit paid to Rahman Consulting.

The Pentecostal Church is suing Rahman Consulting – Najeeb, Faisal & Sherry Rahman, and Carefree Travel Tours & Cruises – Israr Ul Haq, for Breach of Contract; Unjust Enrichment; Negligent Misrepresentation; Fraudulent Intentional Misrepresentation and Civil Conspiracy. 

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