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Paul Padda and Farhan Naqvi Team Up For District Attorney Steve Wolfson

Lawyers Darshpaul “Paul” Padda of Cohen & Padda and Farhan Naqvi of Naqvi Injury Law invite you to a reception and fund raiser to meet Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson.

The reception and fund raiser is scheduled for Thursday, December 5, 2013 at Firefly Restaurant.  Mr. Wolfson is seeking election to the top prosecutors job in Clark County.  Steve Wolfson was appointed District Attorney in January 2012 when David Roger resigned from the post.  


Commenting on the event and his support for Steve wolfson, Paul Padda stated: “Steve has been an outstanding District Attorney.  He has shown a real commitment to diversity in the office, a blanced and even-handed approach to prosecuting crimes and an unwavering dedication to protecting the community.”  Padda further added: “All of these qualities make Steve Wolfson a first-rate District Attorney that the comunity can be proud of.”  He concluded: “Steve has hired a number of prosecutors of Asian descent which shows he believes the office should reflect the community it serves.  The Asian community should enthusiastically be supporting Steve Wolfson.” 



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