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Sri Lankan Community Stands Up Against AD 34 Candidate Sanje Sedera

It is excruciating, and alluring at the same time, to note that self-promoting Sanje Sedera, the former registered Republican has decided to run as a Democrat from the Assembly District 34. 

The Democratic majority Assembly District 34 has over 3,500 more Democrats than Republicans along with over 6,300 from other minor parties and independents.  There are four Democrats running for AD34 in the primaries to seek a Democratic Party nomination to move on to the general election in November 2014 against a lone Republican.

Few years back Sanje filed to run for an Assembly from a Republican majority Assembly District 2.  Sanje’s opportunist behavior of switching parties and shopping for a safe Assembly District is not well received by his own Sri Lankan American community.  The local Sri Lankan community is appalled by Sanje’ s despicable maneuvers and firmly believes that Sanje is not fit to represent Southern Nevadans in the 2015 State Assembly.  Sanje’s prior bankruptcy, financial mismanagement, trust factor, non-accountability on fund raising during Asian Tsunami and Cyclone, along with many mortgage related financial issues, all have weighed heavily on Sri Lankan community not supporting Sanje for a legislative elected position.  Many members of the local Sri Lankan community are aghast and have accused Sanje of the financial improprieties committed by him during his employment as a mortgage banker.  Some of the Sanje’s creditors are still waiting for a check in the mail.

Darkara Sanjeewa ‘Sanje’ Sedera filed for a bankruptcy in 2010.  As per his former campaign manager, Sanje filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy claiming he had only $200 in cash—but a whopping $2,040,566 in liabilities according to US Bankruptcy Court records.  Being an elected representative of the people in the State Assembly is a responsible position with serious obligation of overseeing billions of Tax payers’ dollars.  Mr. Sedera’s personal bankruptcy reflects that he is not ready for the prime time and must explain his financial mismanagement to the voters.  

During the catastrophic Asian Tsunami and Cyclone, the community trusted Sanje coming forward to raise funds for the victims of the devastating tsunami.  However, as of today Sanje hasn’t given any accounting of the funds to the donors.  As per one of the board member of the Buddhist Temple, Mr. Sedera is not invited to the Temple activities due to his financial ethics.

On social issues, Mr. Sedera immensely supports illegal immigrants and has been seen in protest rallies and joining other supporters of illegal immigrants.  Voters in his District should remind Mr. Sedera that his adopted country is a country of laws and most of the South Asian immigrants have followed the torturous immigration process and waited patiently for their turn to become a resident/citizen of this great democracy.  His support for illegal immigrants is contrary to the American values and doesn’t bode well with hard working AD34 voters.    

Sanje’s former campaign manager, Mike Zahara, wrote – ‘Sanje’ Sedera can be quite charming and affable, but also has proven himself to many people, including his wife and children, to be bloodlessly ruthless, extraordinarily deceitful, and a prolific and consummate liar.  For further reading, please visit –

The former campaign manager also exposed Mr. Sedera’s financial dealings.  Please visit

On his election website, Mr. Sedera emphasizes three priorities – Promote Economic Development; Improve our Educational System; and Fixing the Foreclosure Crisis, however, he has failed to come up with any meaningful solutions to his own three priorities.  These are the same stale political talking points without any solutions on how to solve the critical bread and butter issues which matter the most to voters in AD34.

Voters in AD34 will have to remind Mr. Sedera that Trust and Accountability goes hand on hand and he has neither.  AD34 voters deserve better from their elected representatives.  AD34 voters do have a choice in June 10th primaries.  Sadly, Mr. Sedera is not the one and he should be shown a road to nowhere.




Sanje Sedera – Candidate for the Assembly District 34

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