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Dr. Bararia’s Sentencing Hearing set for August 11, 2014

Defendant Dr. Vinay Bararia plead guilty to conspiracy to distribute 500 Hydrocodone pills to an undercover DEA agent in the Centennial Hills Hospital parking lot, and he is awaiting sentencing.  

Bararia’s sentencing memorandum advised that he intends to seek a downward departure based on his alleged “diminished capacity due to his previously undiagnosed and consequently untreated” bi-polar disorder.  Downward departure is a term used in criminal law to refer to departing downward from the applicable sentencing guideline range for a statutory minimum sentence.

The Court granted Government’s request for a psychiatric evaluation of Dr. Bararia and he was designated for that purpose to the Bureau of Prisons’ Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Los Angeles.  The Warden of the MDC has requested that Dr. Bararia’s 60-day study period be extended by 15 days to allow the MDC’s clinical psychologist to complete the testing and examination necessary to develop a history, diagnosis, and opinion.  The evaluation should be completed by July 8, 2014 and the report should be provided to the Court by July 29, 2014. 

Judge Jennifer Dorsey ordered that the Warden’s request for a 15-day extension of the period of study is granted.  It is further ordered that the sentencing hearing is hereby continued to August 11, 2014 at 9:30 at the United States District Court in downtown Las Vegas. 




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