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Shan Reddy Receives Highest Honors for the National Explore Test

The Center for Bright Kids is recognizing Shan Reddy, son of Ravi and Tushina Reddy, for his exemplary academic achievements.  The recognition is a part of the Centers’ 2010-2011 Western Academic Talent Search.


Shan is being honored in the Highest Honors category, which is the top 10% participants.  Shan is honored for his exceptional performance in academic tests, subtests, and grades Shan will receive a special certificate and an honorary medal in a distinctive ceremony on May 7th, 2011, hosted by the UNLV Office of Undergraduate Recruitment Center for Bright Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving high ability and high interest youth. 

The Center offers K-12 enrichment and acceleration programming.  Their focus is not only on how kids think and learn, but how they discover ways to navigate the world while thinking and learning differently.

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