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Shravan Singh Indicted on Thirty-Nine Counts of Theft, Burglary, and Conspiracy to Commit Theft

Shravan Singh, a former employee of William Hills Sports Book, has been indicted by the Grand Jury on multiple Felony counts, including one count of Forgery, one count of Launder or Attempt to Launder Money, one count of Unlawful Acts Regarding Computers, four counts of Theft, and thirty-one counts of Burglary of a Business and on one count for the crimes of Conspiracy to Commit Theft, a Gross Misdemeanor.

Beginning in December of 2022, the Nevada Gaming Control Board began an investigation into the fraudulent cash adjustments being made at various sports wagering kiosks across multiple licensed locations throughout Las Vegas. Shravan Singh and another employee of William Hill, the alleged operators of the fraudulent activity used internal information technology systems at their disposal, as employees of the licensee, to illegally add money to sports wagering kiosks, and then print and redeem fraudulent wagering vouchers. The licensee was able to use internal security to uncover the alleged criminal activity and report it to the Board. Agents of the Board’s Enforcement Division uncovered thousands of fraudulent adjustments from this one scheme.

Currently, Singh is out on $28,000 bail. Singh’s initial arraignment is scheduled for August 17th, 2023.

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