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South Asian Bar Association of Las Vegas’s Community Outreach Dinner Exceeds Expectations

The South Asian Bar Association of Las Vegas (SABA-LV) held an event on Thursday, November 16, 2023, to promote law as a career for minority families with school/college age children. The Latino Bar Association and the Asian Bar Association joined SABA-LV in hosting the event.

Judges Panel – Judge Bonnie Bulla, NV Court of Appeals; Judge Deborah Westbrook, NV Court of Appeals; Judge Amy Wilson, Las Vegas Township Justice Court; Assoc. Justice Patricia Lee, NV Supreme Court; Judge Danielle “Pieper” Chio

The event was well attended by families in the Las Vegas community. Several prominent judges and important members of the legal community attended. The event was also well attended by attorneys, law students, and college students.

Eric Kohli, president of SABA-LV, welcomed the attendees and gave a short presentation about the value of a law career. He also announced that SABA-LV has more than $50,000 to grant in scholarships this year alone to Nevada students pursuing a law career.

The event also featured a judges’ panel representing each of the 4 state courts. The judges answered questions and shared their own personal stories. Their presentation was educational, entertaining, and a big hit with the audience.

Overall the event was successful by every measure, earning recognition and respect for Las Vegas’s South Asian community.

As submitted by Eric Kohli, President, South Asian Bar Association of Las Vegas

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