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Sujatha Pitani, M.D. promoted to Associate Professor, University of Nevada School of Medicine.

The University of Nevada School of Medicine has announced an academic promotion of Dr. Sujatha Pitani to an Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Pitani will be responsible for teaching the next generation of physicians as well as treat patients at School of Medicine patient care centers located in Reno.

Dr. Pitani is a graduate of Dr. V.S. Krishna College, Vishakhapatnam, India and completed her medical education from Andhra Medical College, India.  Dr. Pitani finished her medical residency training at the University of Nevada School of Medicine in 2006.   After completing her residency, Dr. Pitani joined UNR School of Medicine as an Assistant Professor.


Dr. Sujatha Pitani is an internal medicine specialist practicing in Reno.  At UNR School of Medicine, Dr. Pitani’s primary job responsibilities include being the Ambulatory clinic director for the residents and out-patient practice. She is also a specialist in HIV medicine.

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