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Suneel Boddepalli Completes His First Movie Venture – Face”Booking”

Face”Booking” by Las Vegan Suneel Boddepalli reflects the life in Las Vegas, Indian marriage dilemma, dream to succeed in entertainment industry, meeting love of your life on facebook, career and spirituality through a Swami along with some comedy. 


As per Sunil, the reason behind making this film is to inspire all those movie addicts out there who wants to make\act in short movies but hesitate to start as they perceive making movies an expensive undertaking.  Most of the shooting is done in Las Vegas.  The movie is all about fulfiling Dreams.

Sunil’s and his team used a basic Sony-SR12 camera, Windows movie maker (which is a FREE software comes with Windows OS by default – never expires).  The movie was completed without any financial commitment and/or capital expenditure.

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