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Update: Perween Rehman’s Petition For Justice

Perween Rehman, a prominent and respected world renowned social scientist, planner and architect, was murdered on March 13th, 2013 by terrorists, whose allegiance is with Karachi’s powerful land mafia and water mafia.

A petition, supported by prominent citizens and international organizations, around world was launched, seeking investigation and justice.  The Supreme Court of Pakistan undertook to investigate killing of Perween Rehman.   

Las Vegas resident and Perween Rehman’s brother Dr. Khair informs of  Karachi Supreme Court district and session judge’s report of investigation into Orangi Pilot Project  and Research and Training Institute (OPPRTI) director Perween Rehman’s murder, faults Sindh Police, and noted that Sindh police in dealing with Perween Rehman’s murder case was seen to be casual, apathetic and indifferent. Sindh Police was evidenced to have manipulated investigation of Perween Rehman’s murder case.

In agreement with findings of session and district court judges, lawyer of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Mr. Mohammad Raheel Kamran Sheikh concluded, that repeat investigation of Perween Rehman’s murder case by Sindh police is of no consequence.

Perween Rehman, a social scientist, planner and selfless worker for poor of Karachi, Pakistan, had no enmity with anyone.  Perween was documenting workings of land and water mafia’s encroachment of rights of poor, so the rights and needs of poor of Karachi can be protected.  Quote a news report, “The land mafia was making rupees five hundred million per year from their racket and could not afford voice raised against them.”

Another person, who worked closely with Perween Rehman at OPPRTI’s, Orangi Charitable Trust (OCT), Mr. Abdul Waheed, and managed microfinance scheme of OPPRTI, was murdered about a month after Perween’s murder.  An attempt to silence another OPPRTI official, who worked closely with Perween Rehman, Mr. Salim Alimuddin, assistant director of OPPRTI was made.  Mr. Salim Alimuddin luckily escaped with injuries.

Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk, observed, “This is what terrorism is”.  The motive of assailants was to silence Perween Rehman, because of her views on social issues, for good, and send a message to others, to not to take any initiative. 

The Supreme Court has asked Sindh government to see Perween Rehman’s murder, as a terrorist act, and register her case under Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) 1997.

Counsel Mr. Mohammad Raheel Kamran Sheikh, agreed with the judge’s recommendation of registering Perween Rehman’s murder case under ATA 1997 and cited that section 19 of ATA act allows probe by Federal government’s joint investigative team and intelligence agencies into Perween Rehman’s murder. 

Perween Rehman’s murder is not only a provincial matter, as there is clear indication of involvement of land and water mafia terrorism, but also a Federal government matter, under ATA 1997 section 19.  Counsel Mr. Mohammad Raheel Kamran Sheikh has made an application to the appropriate Federal government party.

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