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What’s wrong with this picture…Please follow the directions

Picture of the year.  Many of the devotees came to the Hindu Mandir on the first day of the beginning of 2018.  The discipline issues continue with the visitors and worshipers alike.  For many years the management has been requesting to put shoes on the racks provided by the Hindu Mandir on both sides of the entrance to the Mandir.

This picture is a testament that Hindus do not care for the rules, regulations, guidelines and are ambivalent to the cleanliness and safety of others.  The sign clearly says “Please put your shoes on the racks”, but somehow the visitors have an infinite blindness to such signs and fail to follow the basic etiquette at the place of worship.  The shoes on the floor do not only look ugly but also create a safety hazard for the visitors as they are scattered all over up to 10 feet away from the shelves.

Please DO YOUR PART and follow the rules for the safety and welfare of everyone.  

3 Comments to What’s wrong with this picture…Please follow the directions

  1. Girija Vijay says:

    I must be the only one putting my shoes at the rack provided. May be I should start putting others also like they do at Gurdwara as a service.

  2. K K Shah says:

    We do follow the sign and put our shoes on the reck. I also remove the shoes lying at the front door of the temple. It is rather unfortunate that the elders who bring their children to the temple do not set an example of following the directions. This behavior continues inside the temple also. The children are allowed to run inside the temple as if they are in the play ground! What kind of role model we want to be for our children? Temple is a place to worship not to gossip. Rarely silence is maintained in the temple even though other people are busy doing pooja etc. It’s about time people take responsibility for their behavior and maintain the decorum and sanctity of the temple.

  3. Pankaj Mandalia says:

    I hope this picture is seen by many temple-goers and hope they will get the message!!!
    A lovely way of making them realize something is not right!!!!
    Well done!

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