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Balvinder Batra charged with 9 counts of first-degree kidnapping, sexual assault, and multiple other felonies

Las Vegas resident Balvinder Batra was arrested on 9 counts for committing the crimes of first- degree kidnapping, sexual assault, battery with intent to commit sexual assault, assault with a deadly weapon constitution domestic violence, robbery with use of a deadly weapon, battery constituting domestic violence – strangulation and coercion with use of a deadly weapon.

Balwinder Batra

Batra is currently being held without bond at the Clark County Detention Center.  The first-degree kidnapping charges come from Batra willfully and feloniously, kidnap Ms. N (name withheld) with the intent to detain Ms. N against her will and without her consent for the purpose of committing robbery and/or sexual assault upon Ms. N.  The sexual assault occurred when Batra forced himself on N against her will by pushing and/or choking Ms. N.  Batra is also charged with threatening to kill Ms. N by pointing scissors at her.

Additionally, Batra feloniously took personal property including money, a cellular phone, and keys from Ms. N without her consent.  Ms. N was threatened, by Batra, with the use of a deadly weapon, in this case, a knife.  Batra used physical force on Ms. N and stopped her from leaving the premises.

Balvinder has been assigned a special public defender by the court.  Earlier, the court denied the motion by Balvinder to represent & defend himself.  

As per the sources, at one time Balvinder used to run a Purrfect Auto store and his extended family members are the long term resident of Las Vegas.

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