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Medical Board Files a Complaint Against Dr. Asher Shahzad

The Investigative Committee of the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners filed a formal complaint against Dr. Asher Shahzad alleging two violations alleging malpractice and failure to maintain timely, legible, accurate and complete medical records. The patient died as Dr. Shahzad failed to consider tuberculosis in his differential diagnosis.

The complaint states that a patient who had given birth to a premature twins was referred to another Physician for evaluation of possible mastitits – an inflammation of breast tissues that sometimes may lead to infection.  The physician evaluated her for mastitis and referred her to Dr. Dhaval Shah for an infectious disease evaluation.  Dr. Shah at that time was a colleague of Dr. Asher Shahzad at the Clinical Infectious Disease Specialists.  For couple of months Dr. Shah treated the patient with various antibiotics for an abdominal wound infection and recurring fever after the infection had resolved.  

After a week or so the patient was admitted to the hospital with complaints of fever, weakness, dizziness, and confusion.  She was seen by Dr. Asher Shahzad, colleague of Dr. Dhaval Shah.  Dr. Shahzad determined that the patient had a fever of unknown origin but did not consider tuberculosis as part of the differential diagnosis.  Further, Dr. Shahzad allegedly discussed with patient and her husband whether she had been screened for tuberculosis, however the medical records do not reflect any such conversation. Dr. Shahzad saw the patient on daily basis for over a week. It is alleged that after many medical tests including CT Scan and an MRI, Dr. Shahzad did not consider tuberculosis in his differential diagnosis.

Dr. Asher Shahzad

Within few days the patient was transferred to the UCLA Medical Center and the next day patient expired.  An autopsy confirmed that the patient had Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex. 

Dr. Shahzad is charged with malpractice as he failed to use the reasonable care, skill or knowledge ordinarily used to treat patients as he failed to consider and treat the patient for tuberculosis.  As per the Nevada Revised Statutes, Dr. Shahzad is subject to discipline by the Board. On another count, the statutes provide that the failure to maintain timely, legible, accurate and complete medical records relating to the diagnosis, treatment and care of a patient is grounds for initiating discipline against Dr. Shahzad.

The Board will set a time and place for a formal hearing after holding an early case conference with Dr. Asher Shahzad.

Dr. Shahzad is a graduate of Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad, Punjab and completed his residency at the Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY. Dr. Shahzad completed his fellowship in Infectious Diseases from Ochsner Clinic Foundation, New Orleans, LA.

Dr. Shahzad is no longer employed with the Clinical Infectious Diseases Specialist.

3 Comments to Medical Board Files a Complaint Against Dr. Asher Shahzad

  1. Peter says:

    CID – Currupt Contagious Infectious Disease
    are finally exposed like Dr Desai !
    This is a tip of the iceberg.

  2. Fed Up MD says:

    Where is Dhaval Shah in all this mess? As the treating physician who saw the patient for MONTHS he had ample opportunity to properly diagnose the patient…and tuberculosis is almost always evaluated, diagnosed and treated in the clinic.

    But I suspect as usual he has paid his way out of the problem and blamed his junior partner.

    This is just the TIP of the iceburg of what happens daily at Clinical Infectious Disease Specialists…..stay tuned for more exciting news.

    • Doctor Goodman says:

      Is he your competitor or are you not happy with successful people? For your personal reasons don’t bring up someone who is not involved in the case.
      This is not India or Pakistan where you can pay some. This case was baseless. He has taken care of several needy people. Physicians carry a very heavy burden taking care of population and not everything goes the way we want. Do you even know what type of TB, MDR or not. No matter what, general pubic without medical knowledge has no right to judge physicians, they are judged by the board. Hundreds of complaints happen in Board. Are we gonna publish every single complaint?
      Don’t comment without knowing the full case
      Do you even know what happened
      People come up with partial information and start throwing it around. It is shameful that we as a Indian community don’t have good things to talk about.
      All patient matters are confidential and no one has right to discuss this. Dhaval is a good guy.
      Also where does HIPPA stands in all this.
      No patient related case should be discussed in an open forum like this. What if the family of this person does not want his loved one to be talked about. Who actually will care unless you are in this situation.
      Don’t bring up things about physicians even if it is your competitor, this is not the place to talk. These things don’t belong in newspapers they belong behind closed doors. You could be the next one Fed Up MD.

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