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An Unknown Self-made Telugu Immigrant Looks Back – Prof. Satyam Sikha Moorty, Ph.D.

A memoir “An Unknown Self-made Telugu Immigrant Looks Back” is out, published by Authorspress, New Delhi.  In North America, it is available with the author, Satyam Sikha Moorty, in Cedar City, Utah: Price: $25/-.  Only the essays in the book deal with Andhras; some poems relate to  Telugu topography and experiences; the main memoir has universal appeal.  Last year, he published a book of poems: “Then and Now; Far and Wide.”  Prior to the above two, he published “Passage from India: Essays, Poems, Stories.”

Originally from India, Satyam Sikha Moorty  did his Ph.D. in American Literature from the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, and taught for 31 years at Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Utah, courses such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Shakespeare, Eastern Literatures in English translation (Indian Chinese, and Japanese); was a Fulbright professor in Yemen, Moldova (thrice), Austria, and Azerbaijan; was a Balkan Scholar at the American University in Bulgaria; published scholarly articles in the U.S., India, France, Spain,  Romania, Moldova, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine; published poetry in the U.S., India, Canada, the U.K., South Africa, Moldova, and Azerbaijan; published a book of poems and short stories “Distant Lands, Diverse Cultures” and one on “Moldova: Vigorous Heritage and Variegated Traditions: Poems, Essays, Stories, and Speeches.”  

He has two chapbooks ready: “Who Am I? and other poems”  and “Poems of Fear and Songs of Hope.”  His book “Passage from India: Poems, Short Stories, and Essays” was published by Austin Macauley, London, England.  This book explores his inter-cultural experiences, travels, and observations.  His book of poems “Then and Now; Far and Wide,’ dedicated to his students in India, Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Utah, Yemen. Bulgaria, Moldova, Azerbaijan. And Austria was published by Authorspress, New Delhi.  

The press has very recently published his memoir “An Unknown Self-made Telugu Immigrant Looks Back,” which should be of interest to general reader as well.  This book is available at Moortys address in Cedar City, Utah, In India, the publisher Authorpress, New Delhi, has copies.

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