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Divya Ramakrishnan scores 100th percentile in MCAT

Las Vegan Divya Ramakrishnan, daughter of Gopal and Radhika Ramakrishnan, scored the 100th percentile in MCAT.  Divya has joined Yale School of Medicine after graduating from Stanford University with a major in Biology.  As per the latest scorecard, 90% of applicants who matriculated to medical school in 2019-2020 scored between 500 and 510. These equate to roughly the 50th percentile to the 80th percentile.

Divya Ramakrishnan

Divya finished her high school form the elite Meadows School in 2014.  She won numerous scholarships to join Stanford University.  At Stanford, she was the recipient of the J.E. Sterling Award for her scholastic achievements.  The award recognizes the top 25 graduating seniors in the School of Humanities and Sciences who are honored for their efforts and academic achievements throughout their undergraduate education.  At Stanford, Divya conducted research in organic chemistry with the additional responsibility of serving as a teaching assistant for the introductory general chemistry series.  

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