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Diwali mela at the Krishna Mandir attracts diverse community

Under the clear and crisp Vegas evening sky, the local Hare Krishna Mandir held their annual Diwali mela to the delight of local Hindu Krishna devotees. The mela at the Mandir grounds attracted over 200 members of the community.  The pure vegetarian food stalls did brisk business as the attendees devoured on the freshly prepared Indian delicacies from dosas, home-made desserts/mithais to Indian Chinese entrees.   

Festivities started around 3pm with attendees touring the newly built beautiful mandir and volunteers managing the booths – mostly the Indian street food. Later in the evening the short palki procession of Lord Krishna started with a group of chanting devotees from the mandir premises to all the way to the local street edge and back.  

The procession brought many dedicated devotees in their beautiful colorful outfits and dancing through the neighborhood street while chanting religious hymns in their melodious voices. The procession ritual honors the tradition of God Krishna going out into the streets to share the celebrations with the people.

The vibrant chants continued throughout the palki procession till the crowd moved inside the mandir for devotional bhajans. Overall, the evening Diwali Mela celebrations was well organized by the Krishna devotees and attendees had an enjoyable evening socializing and enjoying the home prepared Indian food.

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