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E. Singh Guilty of Sexually Motivated Coercion. Gets up to 5-year Suspended Sentence.

E. Singh, a former employee of the Las Vegas Metro, agreed to plead guilty by way of the Alford decision to Attempt Coercion – Sexually Motivated (Category C Felony) for an incident involving a minor.  An Alford plea in Nevada is when a defendant in a criminal case does not admit guilt but concedes there is sufficient evidence to find him/her guilty at trial. In short, it is a guilty plea that allows the defendant to maintain his/her innocence. 

Warning – some explicit language.  It may be offensive to some readers.

A few years back, Singh was living in a home with a local family consisting of a couple and  their two children. One evening, Singh lay in S.H.’s (name withheld – underage girl) bed with her to watch a movie. While they were watching the movie, S.H. alleges that Singh put his hands under S.H.’s shirt and then into her mouth. S.H. further alleges that he also moved his fingers between S.H.’s legs and underneath her underwear, touching but not penetrating her vagina. S.H. believes that this conduct lasted for approximately one hour. S.H. told a friend about the incident but never reported it to her parents or the police until 2018.

S.H. was prompted to report the incident with Singh because her mother and father had gotten a divorce and her mother began dating Singh. When S.H. became aware that her mom was dating Singh, she shared the details of the incident with both of her parents. As a result of S.H.’s reporting of the incident, mom and Singh ended their relationship and he resigned from his position at the Las Vegas Metro.

Singh’s attorney argued that a genuine admission of guilt may properly result in a lighter sentence than would be appropriate for an intransigent and unrepentant malefactor.  While those without remorse are usually punished to the full extent available to the courts, it thereby follows that those who both accept responsibility and demonstrate genuine remorse should be given mitigation consideration.  Defendant Singh’s legal team further emphasized the defendant’s cooperation, his very difficult childhood, and upbringing, and does not have any prior criminal record. 

One of Singh’s friends, a former employee of LVMPD, wrote to the court believing that members of the community are supportive of Singh and will continue to offer their love and support throughout his sentence. Further, his former colleague and a friend offered his observations of Singh’s character for peacefulness, his history of kindness and support for the community, and his honorable and genuine nature.

Singh’s lawyer wrote “this Court can apply the same consideration to Singh’s case in light of Singh’s complete lack of criminal history. Throughout his adult life, Mr. Singh has been a gainfully employed and law-abiding citizen. Though he is now retired, Mr. Singh earned numerous awards for his dedication to the community through his work. The present allegations reflect Mr. Singh’s first and only contact with the criminal justice system.”  The defense lawyer tried for a suspended prison term and a period of probation not to exceed one (1) year.

The judge sentenced Singh to a suspended sentence of a minimum of twenty-four months and a maximum of sixty months in the Nevada Department of Corrections.  Additionally, Singh must comply with the following special conditions:

1. Stay away from any minors under the age of 18; the defendant is not to be in the presence of minors and the order shall remain in place until a counselor provides evidence that the defendant has been successful in treatment and will be able to abide by rules. 

2. Stay 1,000 ft. away from any Elementary School, Middle School, High School, or any charter or private school. 

3. Enter and complete a mental health evaluation and abide by any counseling and treatment plan. 

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