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Friends of India Announce New Executive Committee

The burgeoning Indian community club Friends of India is pleased to announce a new executive committee for the years 2021-2022.  The club provides a kaleidoscope of vibrant social and cultural India for the growing and prosperous Southern Nevada Indian community.

The incoming expanded Executive Committee and Sub-Committee members are looking forward to engaging the Indian community year-round with festivities and Indian heritage programs.  In a prepared statement, the incoming President Ram Singh said, “Friends of India Las Vegas represents Asian Indian living in the greater Las Vegas area with roots from the 36 entities (referring to Indian States & Union Territories) regardless of the regional variations…we must not segregate our cultural heritage by identifying ourselves on regional and linguistic dimensions.”

Ram continued, “We are all American or Asian Indians either born in the United States of America or India.  We will unite as one to achieve the mission and vision of FOILV.”

The new Executive Committee members for 2021-2022 are

  • Ram Singh, President
  • Rajat Sood, President-Elect
  • Lipika Mukhopadhyay, Vice President
  • Purbasha Banerjee, Vice President/Cultural Secretary
  • Ashok Goyal, Vice President, Public Relations
  • Neel Shah, Vice President, Secretary
  • Bhawna Jain, Vice President, Treasurer

The new Executive Committee has formed an Executive Sub-Committee whose members are

  • Sanjay Palherkar, Director, Operations
  • Vikas Khorana, Director, Media Relations
  • Namita Saran Srivastav, Director, Government Relations
  • Madhusudan Sharma, Director, Fundraising & Membership
  • Prakash Chaudhari, Director, Finance
  • Puneet Garg, Director, Legal Affairs
  • Sunder Punjabi, Director, Accounting & Audit 

Please stay tuned for upcoming announcements about the year-round events and diverse ways to engage with the Friends of India.  The new committee is looking forward to suggestions from the community members regarding events and venues, special interests, and programming.

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