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President Biden Re-opened the Door – Guest Author Nirmalya Chatterjee

You feel a long, dark winter has suddenly made way to a beautiful sunny spring morning. The cycle of nature is working. So is democracy. It has worked to bring back what was lost. President Biden has opened that closed door – very firmly yet gently. The door to the truth, unity, respect, the world, the science, and the nation’s ‘soul’. It feels like the events of the last few weeks are from a distant past. A swift transition to what we all are used to.

It seemed like America was going back on its ideals for justice and equality. He said he wants his team to look like America. That’s what he has done. He has assembled a team of very smart people with deep expertise in their fields who will be committed to their mission and not to party politics. Equally importantly, he has brought in a solid representation of all people – men & women; straight & gay; Whites, Blacks, Latinos, & Asians. And, standing next to him first in line for Presidency, is his Vice President – a woman of color – the first in history. The profound change in the leader’s narrative will start to heal the deep pain and anguish from the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and many others.

President Biden gets it how serious the COVID 19 pandemic is. He believes the facts and listens to the scientists. He wants his administration to take the ownership of bringing it under control and get the country back on its track. He is not sugar coating the bleak picture. 20% of COVID related deaths in the world are in the US with only 4% of the population.  He says things will get worse before it gets better while death toll reaches half a million within the next month. He says it will take heaven and earth to stop the pandemic. He knows when you downplay a calamity, the people suffer because they are not prepared. COVID is an enemy. A very formidable enemy. You fight hard to defeat the enemy. He wants to vaccinate million people a day for the next one hundred days. A very aggressive target. But that’s what you need now. He wants everyone to wear a mask for the next one hundred days. He is opening thousands of vaccination centers to speed up the vaccination process. The door has been opened to fight the biggest killer of the century.

Effects of climate change are being felt world-wide. Increased wild fires, drought & heat waves, declining water supplies, coastal flooding, stronger hurricanes – these are all attributed to climate change by the scientists. Bill Gates has warned that the climate change will bring about far greater devastation than COVID 19 has. Gates had also warned in 2014 that the world was not ready for the next outbreak which turned out to be the case with COVID 19. Climate does not know national boundaries. Which is why the world got united and reached the Paris Agreement in 2016 to slow down the damage to the climate. One hundred and ninety-six countries signed the agreement with the major exceptions being Iran, Iraq & Turkey. United States decided to pull out of the agreement in 2017. President Biden has signed an executive order for the US to rejoin the Paris agreement within hours after the inauguration. He has assigned John Kerry, the highly respected former Secretary of State and Senator, to be the US Special Envoy for Climate signifying the highest level of commitment the US can have to combat the most serious threat to the entire mankind and regain its global leadership. A closed door has been opened again.

President Biden is a decent man. He is respectful. He has natural empathy for people. He has overcome his own personal tragedies of loss of his daughter, wife and adult son. He understands the common man’s plight. America needed a leader like him at this critical time. The country has been bitterly divided. The mood has been toxic. His emphasis on unity is very well placed. His steady hand and gentle approach will get the country back on its track. Yet he will be tough on where he needs to be, like, China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. Many of the Republican Senators and Congressmen know him and trust him. He will bring back the culture of reaching across the aisle in helping to make big things happen. Major legislation will require some Republican support because it needs sixty votes in the Senate. The Daily White House Press Briefing has been reinstated on day one of Biden Presidency. Transparency is back. This is how the federal government used to operate years ago. Normalcy is back.

A stunning performance by the brilliant, young, poet laureate, Amanda Gorman’s recitation of her poem – “The Hill We Climb” at the inauguration very aptly summed up the feelings of the new President. It captivated & energized those who heard her. The last paragraph of her poem – “When day comes, we step out of the shade, Aflame and unafraid. The new dawn blooms as we free it, for there is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it, if only were brave enough to be it.” The nation could feel the meaning and power of the words. Well done, Ms. Gorman.

Well done, Mr. President. You have re-opened the door. Onward America!

Nirmalya Chatterjee is an 11 year resident of Las Vegas.  He is a management consultant for consumer products and the hospitality industry. During his professional career, Nirmalya had several senior levels and ex-pat assignments. He was the Chief Financial Officer for Coors Brewing Company; Vice President of Finance for Las Vegas Sands Corporation; Sr. Vice President of Finance, Galaxy Entertainment Macau; and General Manager of Revlon India. Most recently, Nirmalya served as the Chairman of the Hindu Temple and Jain Center of Las Vegas. Nirmalya holds an MBA from Rutgers University.

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the above article solely belong to the author Nirmalya Chatterjee and are not an endorsement by The editor is pleased to provide as a platform for the community members to engage in intellectual debates, opinions, and discussions.

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3 Comments to President Biden Re-opened the Door – Guest Author Nirmalya Chatterjee

  1. PRADIP BHATT says:

    Nirmalya, Bahoora Shukriya for your Article about President Biden (and VP Kamalaben Harris). I couldn’t have said better! 🙏🙏

  2. peter123 says:

    The only question I have about Biden – Can he stand up against China and Islamist nations who are trying to destroy Democracy all over the world. Does he have guts to destroy artificial island and send an invoice to china to pay for illegal construction. Can he lead the 4th industrial revolution and empower the desperate countries like Africa and Latin America and Asia so China does not have an opportunity to exploit those nations.

  3. Vivek kumar says:

    A great article! You summed it up nicely. We have great hopes from this government.

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