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Ramanjeet Guilty of Murder

Las Vegas resident Ramanjeet is found guilty but mentally ill of murder with use of a deadly weapon.  In August of 2016, Ramanjeet was accused of committing a crime of murder with the use of a deadly weapon killing another individual named Dale Peppers.

Ramanjeet was charged with a stabbing of the shopping center security guard named Dale at the Jiffy Lube area on Rainbow Blvd.  After stabbing, Ramanjeet left the area and was followed by the Jiffy lube manager who at the same time called 911.  Metro officers immediately responded and found Ramanjeet, who jumped the concrete wall of the shopping complex, on the residential street behind Jiffy Lube.  Upon contacting the suspect Ramanjeet, Officers observed him retrieving a large fixed blade knife from his right pocket before throwing it on the ground.

At the same time, Officers also arrived at the crime scene and observed the victim Dale to have numerous puncture wounds to his body, arms, and neck, and was bleeding profusely.  The victim, Dale Peppers, was immediately transported to UMC trauma to seek emergency treatment for his injuries.

Before the start of the trial, Judge ordered Ramanjeet to be in the custody of the Division of Public and Behavioral Health for determining if Ramanjeet is competent enough to understand the charges and go through the trial.  After evaluating Ramanjeet’s mental health by the health care professionals and upon medical consultation, the administrator reported to the court that Ramanjeet was of sufficient mentality to be able to understand the nature of the criminal charge against him.  The report concluded that Ramanjeet will be able to assist his counsel, the public defender, and is competent to stand trial.

After three years of the incident, the court has found Ramanjeet of guilty but mentally ill of murder with use of a deadly weapon.  Currently, Ramanjeet is in custody at the Clark County Detention Center.  The sentencing is scheduled for September. 

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