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Srimoyee Chatterjee Charged with Felony Theft

Ms. Srimoyee Chatterjee is accused of Theft, a category C Felony under the Nevada Revised Statutes. Class C felony theft occurs when someone steals property or services worth at least $5,000 but no more than $25,000. The penalties for Class C felonies include a prison sentence between 1 and 5 years long and a fine worth up to $10,000. 

As per the court filing, defendant Chatterjee is charged with knowingly, felonious, and without lawful authority committing Theft of property having a value of $5,000 or greater but less than $25,000 belonging to Ross Dress for Less, a store for men and women clothing, and household items at bargain prices.

As per the criminal complaint, Ms. Chatterjee is accused of controlling the property with the intent to deprive Ross Dress for Less of the property; converting, making an unauthorized transfer of interest without authorization; and obtaining the real, personal, or intangible property of the services by a material misrepresentation with intent to deprive Ross Dress for Less of the property or services. Per the complaint, Defendant Chatterjee failed to deposit the sale money.

A preliminary hearing will be held in January 2024. Currently, Ms. Chatterjee is released on a surety bond. 

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