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Balvinder Batra Sentenced to 120 Months Behind Bars

Las Vegas resident Balvinder Batra is adjudged guilty on two counts of battery constituting domestic violence/strangulation and sexually motivated coercion.  The court has ordered Batra to the Nevada Department of Corrections for a total of 120 months and must serve a minimum of 28 months before he is eligible for parole. Batra is also ordered to pay a total fine of $10,000; a fee totaling $1,689 for the Psychosexual Evaluation; plus, other court-related administrative fees.

Additionally, Batra is ordered to register as a sex offender in accordance within 48 hours after any release from custody. Batra would not be deemed eligible for parole until a panel consisting of the Administrator of the Mental Health and Developmental Services of the Department of Human Resources or his designee; the Director of the Department of Corrections or his designee; and a psychologist licensed to practice in this State or a psychiatrist licensed to practice medicine in this State certified that he was under observation while confined in an institution of the Department of Corrections and that he did not represent a high risk to re-offend based upon a currently accepted standard of assessment.

Since March 2020, Batra is jailed at the Clark County Detention Center and soon will be transported to one of the prison under the Nevada Department of Correction.

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