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Dirty Dining to Dirty Doctor – KTNV Channel 13 Investigates Dr. Dhaval Shah

Darcy Spears of KTNV Channel 13, known for investigating the local Las Vegas restaurants for her segment on Dirty Dining moves to Dirty Doctor investigating Dr. Dhaval Shah’s medical practice.

For the past few years, Dr. Shah has been investigated on numerous occasions by the Board of Medical Examiners and also by the US Department of Labor for unethical business practices.

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Dr. Dhaval Shah and friends

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5 Comments to Dirty Dining to Dirty Doctor – KTNV Channel 13 Investigates Dr. Dhaval Shah

  1. Peter says:

    DR SHAH- Tradition of Dr Desai must continue
    Inspire of 79 million dollar rich, He never paid bills or shared for
    dining With friends. Poor by heart and mind , greedy by nature.
    Exploiting the people working for making 79 million were exploited the most. Medicare billing when he was not in town . Heard , we’re reporting results without testing marijuana , mold in the lab etc speaks his signature moves. Channel 13 has said 10% of stuff and more to come . I wish he distribute his half wealth to his employees before it disappears!!

    • nio says:

      you did not mention his partners in the MJ lab. Heard there are 2 more. even a Derm MD.. greedy asses lost millions on that deal.

  2. Peter says:

    It raises few questions 1. Billing practices
    2. Testing practices at marijuana lab and his own clinic Emergency
    centers – if it was 911 situational charges for routine visits
    4. Did he paid bribe or asked for bribe to expand his wealth. 5. Like desai- did he exploit the people, situation ?

  3. NIO says:

    Wait until the FEDS and Attorney General get gone with him Illegal Medicare fraud billing. 21 lawsuits comming from patients. Someone needs to follow the Daptomycin money.

  4. nio says:

    What goes on in the Desert Shores party pad?

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