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Ajay Dayal Forcibly Evicted

Ajay Dayal has been forcibly evicted from his home for not fulfilling his contractual obligations. Per court filings, Dayal lived in the property for more than seven years and was required to pay house payments. However, he rarely made any payments during all these years. The owner, Mr. Mike Thanh Vu, a disabled, elderly veteran, finally obtained a court order to retake possession of the property. 

The constable physically removed Dayal from the property on Diwali Day, the 8th of November 2022. Officials said Dayal lived in squalor and kept the house in squalid conditions. Additionally, Dayal’s business was recently evicted. Dayal owns Quantified Investment Group, whose offices were in the United Way building at 5830 W. Flamingo. About two months ago, in August 2022, the landlord evicted Dayal for non-payment of outstanding obligations. 

One source with direct knowledge of the matter said Dayal had not paid rent since a year before the covid pandemic and owed more than $90,000 in back rent. Dayal is no stranger to legal woes. Mr. Gaurang Patel of New India Market sued him about two years ago for improperly taking more than $100,000 for a business transaction that Dayal never consummated. At about the same time, Dayal was also sued by Mr. Eric Kohli for non-payment of wages. Those lawsuits are still ongoing. Before that, Dayal battled a Jane Doe lawsuit by four females alleging that Dayal lured them to his office under pretenses and sexually assaulted them. 

Dayal is no stranger to evictions either. In June 2013, his former landlord, Jen Tao, evicted him from Park Terrace Apartments in Las Vegas.

The above article is submitted by a reader and edited for brevity and relevance from the original submission. 

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One Comment to Ajay Dayal Forcibly Evicted

  1. Uhh Nonna Muss says:

    Why isn’t the District Attorney’s Office looking into this case for charges of Class D Felonies for Theft of Services? According to Court documents, Dayal first occupied this house in 2015 having acquired it in an owner-financing deal.

    Using his position of authority as a real estate agent and a loan officer, Dayal coerced the seller into accepting payments that were 80% too low to service the contract. Then Dayal only made 11 out of 79 payments before he was foreclosed upon, and then intentionally didn’t pay 10 more payments before being evicted.

    The last payment he ever made was on October 10th, 2019. Additionally Dayal NEVER made a single HOA payment in seven years, forcing the original seller into a position of having to pay off the HOA liens to thwart an HOA foreclosure in 2021. Further, Dayal NEVER paid the trash bills or the water bills in seven years either.

    Dayal was clearly maliciously stealing services from the HOA, the Utility companies, and the original seller repeatedly over a period of seven years.

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