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Hindu Temple Board of Trustees Respond to Metro Investigation

After months of deafening silence, the Hindu Temple Board issues an official statement on the past year turmoil with an alleged break-in at the mandir, metro police report, alleged misconduct of few of the Board members, and more.  

The Board of Trustees met on April 7th to review and discuss the LVMPD investigative report. 

As per the Board’s email below, and as reported by vegasdesi earlier, the Metro could neither verify a break-in or any unlawful activity at the Temple.  The official metro report is available for review with the new Chair of the Board, Amarat Patel.  In its meeting, the Trustees have appointed a new management team to run day-to-day operations of the Mandir focusing on providing spiritual needs of the growing Hindu community under the two highly revered priests, Pandit Brijesh Ji and Pandit Vishnu Ji. The Board has assured to keep the community appraise of any future developments and matters related to the Mandir.

Below is the official email from the temple Board of Trustees…

Dear Friends and Devotees:

The Hindu Temple and Jain Center of Las Vegas held a meeting of the Board of Trustees on April 7th, 2019 to elect a new executive committee and address rumors and false information being circulated about the Temple and its officers through emails and other sources in the Indian community. More than two-thirds of the Trustees attended the April 7th  meeting.

The Board addressed issues that have arisen in regard to video cameras and audio recording. Allegedly, part of the recording system malfunctioned and/or missing however, and a complaint was filed with Metro to investigate what had occurred. Metro conducted a four month investigation and could neither verify a break-in or any unlawful activity at the Temple. Metro therefore closed its investigation and issued a final report, a copy of which is available with the Chairman for anyone who wants to review the report. The Trustees consider this matter to be ended and encourage all devotees to return to Temple activities in the good spirit and faith for which the Temple was originally created. The new Temple management team intends and request devotees to ignore any rumors or accusations and instead move forward for the productive benefit of all devotees, members and guests of the Temple.

Interim Board Chairman Dr. Jaldeep Daulat proposed a new team to take over the operations of the Temple going forward. He proposed Mr. Amaratbhai Patel as the Chairman, Dr. Vishvinder Sharma as the Vice Chairman, Ms. Neeru Piplani as President and Mr. Hetal Shah as Treasurer. Those officers have since appointed Mr. Paresh Joshi as temporary secretary, subject to Board confirmation. The Board unanimously approved the new executive committee and thanked the past executive committee (2016-2018) and volunteers who supported them during their term for their commitment and hard work.

The Trustees would like to thank all the devotees, volunteers and supporters of our Temple for their hard work to develop and operate a beautiful Temple in Las Vegas. The new team is working hard to bring all of the devotees and volunteers back to the Temple to support and enjoy the Temple facilities. Board of Trustees will keep you updated on Temple matters on a regular basis. If any devotees have suggestions or would like to volunteer in any capacity, please contact any of the Executive Committee Members.

Yours Sincerely,

Boards of Trustees and Executive Committee

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One Comment to Hindu Temple Board of Trustees Respond to Metro Investigation

  1. Desi Ameri says:

    Hopefully getting rid of the few bad apples from the temple management will help fulfill its true mission. Om Shanti!

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