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Kash Patel, Former Chief of Staff to the Department of Defense to be Keynote Speaker at Nevada Policy Research Institute Annual Banquet

Kash Patel, former chief of staff for the Department of Defense, will be the keynote speaker at Nevada Policy’s upcoming Anniversary Benefit Dinner, on Thursday, Oct. 20th, at Las Vegas’ South Point Casino. 

Invitation-Only VIP Chairman’s Club Reception 5 pm; General Reception 6 pm followed by Dinner at 7 pm.

For further information and/or tickets please contact host committee member Swadeep Nigam @ 702.580.4499 Get your tickets here. Or check out Kash on YouTube here.

Kashyap “Kash” Patel

Patel is the founder of an organization dedicated to helping individuals who have experienced defamation and silencing from the media and big tech. He gained recognition as the lead investigator for the Russiagate investigation, where he uncovered illegal attempts to spy on the campaign.

Mr. Patel served as the Chief of Staff to the Department of Defense (DOD), where his responsibilities included implementing the Secretary’s mission using our 3 million plus employees, operating a $740 billion budget, and $2 trillion in assets.

Before his experience at the Pentagon, Mr. Patel served as Deputy Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Counterterrorism (CT) on the National Security Council (NSC). In that capacity, Mr. Patel oversaw the execution of several of President Trump’s top priorities, including eliminating Al-Qa’ida and ISIS senior leadership and safely repatriating dozens of American hostages. As the top counterterrorism official at the White House, he was responsible for creating and implementing our nation’s policy to safeguard the homeland by overseeing the interagency implementation of the national CT strategy.

Mr. Patel began his career in 2005 as a public defender, trying scores of complex cases in federal and state courts, ranging from murder to narco-trafficking to complex financial crimes. These cases took place throughout the U.S., in over half a dozen countries, and required Mr. Patel to engage with several foreign governments diplomatically. This required extensive briefings and court appearances.

A native of New York, Mr. Patel graduated from the University of Richmond with a bachelor’s in criminal justice and history, a Juris Doctor from law school in New York, and a Certificate in International Law from University College London Faculty of Laws in the United Kingdom.

Get your tickets here. Or check out Kash on YouTube here.

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