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Lake Tahoe Has High Concentration of Microplastics, Global Research Shows

“One of the highest priorities at Lake Tahoe is to keep the water quality clear and pristine,” Sudeep Chandra, Professor of Limnology and Director of the Global Water Center at the University of Nevada, Reno, said. “Clarity is the signature of Lake Tahoe and the mantra Keep Tahoe Blue is not taken lightly. With this study, we now know that plastics exist in high concentrations in Lake Tahoe and could be having an impact on the ecosystem and the animals living in the lake. This shows us that there are always emerging issues that need to be addressed so we can try to preserve the lake into the future.”

Share to FacebookShare to TwitterMicroplastics, small fragments of fibers from clothing, packaging, and other plastic residue have invaded freshwater lakes and watersheds globally and in alarming quantities, according to new research published in the scientific journal Nature. Lake Tahoe, known for its purity and high level of legal protection had the third highest concentration of plastic of 38 lakes tested around the world and higher than in the surface water at the ocean’s gyres where the floating islands of debris emblematic of the world’s plastic pollution crisis collect.

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