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Lord Mahavira Statue Removed from Las Vegas House of Blues

Oversized Mahavira Statute
at the House of Blues, Las Vegas

With commitment and persistent negotiations by Las Vegan Sulekh Jain, along with the national leaders of the Jain community, Live Nation the operator of House of Blues across the country has agreed to remove Lord Mahavira and other Jain deities from all their entertainment venues.

As per the agreement, Live Nation/House of Blues has requested JAINA, the national organization of Jain community, to move 6 idols from their various facilities. JAINA contacted members of the community across the United States to acquire the idols at no cost.

Las Vegas House of Blues Jain statue, weighing close to 2 ton and over 6 feet is acquired by the Jain Center of Corona, California and will be installed at their Jain Temple. All other pratimas located at numerous House of Blues club are moved to Jain places of worship across the country.

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