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Medical Board Files a Complaint against Dr. Roger Ramesh Mehta alleging Malpractice

The Investigative Committee of the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners filed a Complaint against Dr. Mehta alleging two violations of Nevada Revised Statutes. Count I, alleges a violation of Nevada Revised Statues related to malpractice; and Count II, failure to maintain complete medical records.

In June 2012, patient (name withheld) was at the local urgent care with an initial complaint of a one-month history of right hip pain radiating to the leg.  X-Ray was ordered and the patient was referred to Orthopedics.  An MRI result led to an evaluation and a referral to pain management.  The patient was seen by Dr. Mehta wherein labs were ordered.  A patient was told to repeat the lab test in a year.  The patient returned in three months with rapid weight loss and neurologic abnormality.  The patient was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with cancer leading to admission to hospice.

In December 2012, the patient was admitted into St. Rose Siena with an inability to stand for a prolonged time due to weakness and reported a 50lb. with a loss in two months. The patient was evaluated and a CT scan of the head showed a destructive bone lesion in the right frontal lobe.  A CT scan of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis indicated a necrotic mass centered in the right kidney measuring greater than 25 cm diameter, which encompassed the entire right kidney and suprarenal space, invading the right hepatic lobe of the liver and pancreatic head.

The Medical Board solicited the services of an independent medical expert to review the patient’s medical records and the care provided to the patient by Dr. Mehta.  The independent medical expert opined that Dr. Mehta’s care of patient violated the Medical Practice Act due to his acts and omissions when rendering care to this particular patient.  As demonstrated by, but not limited to, the above-outlined facts, Dr. Mehta failed to use the reasonable care, skill or knowledge ordinarily used under similar circumstances when he rendered medical services to this particular patient.  Additionally, it is alleged that Dr. Mehta’s failure to maintain timely, legible, accurate and complete medical records relating to the diagnosis, treatment and care of a patient is grounds for initiating discipline against Dr. Mehta.

As per the regulations, Dr. Mehta is subject to discipline by the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners.  The Board will determine what sanctions to impose if it determines there has been a violation or violations of the Medical Practices Act committed by Dr. Mehta.

Dr. Mehta is a graduate of University of St. Eustatius, St. Eustatius, Netherland Antilles, and completed his internship and residency at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, Kenner, Louisiana.

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