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Primary Elections – Swadeep Nigam and Radhika Kunnel Move to November General Election

The just-concluded mostly mail-in primary elections resulted in two Indian-Americans candidates winning the nominations and are moving on to the general election to be held on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020.  The final announcement of results took longer than normal due to mostly all mail-in election.

Swadeep won a non-partisan Regent University System, while Radhika won Democratic nomination for the State Assembly District 2 seat which covers most of the Summerlin Area.  Both Swadeep and Radhika ran for an open seat as the incumbents were termed out.  

Democrat Radhika will be facing Republican Heidi Kasama, former President of the Las Vegas Realtors Association.  Swadeep will be contesting in the general election against the bail bondsman Byron Brooks.  Both Swadeep and Radhika have unprecedented support from the diverse community groups and elected leaders. 

The win reflects the growing political activism in the South Asian community at all levels.  “For the past two decades members of the community have donated a copious amount to political candidates, now is the time to piquantly support candidates from our own community,” said Swadeep.  The community has matured politically to share the future prosperity of the State of Nevada. Both the candidates are fervently working on raising funds for the upcoming general election.

Both, Swadeep and Radhika are seeking support from the community.  The support could be in the form of campaign volunteering, financial, phone banking, and GOTV efforts.  For further information on both the candidates, please visit candidates’ web site and social media accounts.

Swadeep Nigam.

Radhika Kunnel 

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