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Virus forcing legal system to consider overdue changes – Guest Author Attorney Paul Padda

Years from now, I hope we’ll remember this strange time in our history as a turning point where we began to rethink the way we do many things we’ve been doing just because it was how we always did things.

As an attorney, I would argue that the legal system is especially ripe for change.

For starters, we should be embracing new technologies that not only protect people by promoting social distancing, but also save time, energy and money. We should make better use of technologies, in particular video conferencing, to reduce the costs and burdens of our legal system.

Currently, clients often pay attorneys to drive to a congested downtown courthouse and sit shoulder-to-shoulder with other lawyers, sometimes for an hour or two, before a case is called, only to have the attorney stand up and argue before a judge for 15 minutes or less. Following the hearing, the lawyer pays a parking fee, drives back to an office and resumes work. This can consume half a day or more. All the while, clients are paying for this time.

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Originally published in Las Vegas Sun, Saturday, June 20th, 2020

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