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Sapience Allocates Funds to Provide Free Homework Assistance and School Supervision Day Program

Indian owned Las Vegas based educational program provider, Sapience is supporting children in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade with their homework and educational needs. As per the new community-oriented program Sapience will provide free homework help for all students, for all grades; regardless of what school or area of Vegas they come from.

“This really resonated with me as the Sapience was founded with the mission improve the overall educational landscape of America; the need for help became even more evident with the current pandemic; being that my skill set is in education, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and put together + fund this program,” said Vishal Chamaria, owner founder of Sapience. He continued, “I have seen plenty of parents not be able to afford educational help for their children that in need prior to the pandemic; this will become a much bigger issue due to the virtual learning challenges and the increased unemployment rates.” Sapience employs credentialed teachers to tutor and help students with their homework help.

The Sapience isn’t stopping with free homework help; Sapience went out an purchased over 5,000 school supplies kits to provide to las vegas families for absolutely no cost. “The economical impact the pandemic has had has been significant, school supplies are extremely necessary and can now be a financial burden on families; so we felt we needed to sacrifice and help out as much as we could.” said Mike Soto of Sapience.

The new school day supervision & support program will run 5 days a week allowing parents to drop off students as early 6 am and pick them up as late as 8 pm. Sapience teachers will ensure students are taking their virtual classes successfully and support them with enrichment tutoring and homework help on daily basis.

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