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SAPNA’s Monthly Luncheon with Nevada State Treasurer Dan Schwartz

SAPNA – South Asian Political Network Alliance invites you to its monthly luncheon with special guest Nevada State Treasurer Dan Schwartz, on Saturday, August 19th, at the Capital Seafood Restaurant in the China Town Plaza.

SAPNA – South Asian Political Network Alliance along with Chinese American Citizen Alliance invites you to its monthly luncheon with a special guest Nevada State Treasurer Dan Schwartz, on Saturday, August 19th, at the well known Southern California Chinese restaurant (now in Las Vegas) Capital Seafood Restaurant in the China Town Plaza.  The cost per person is still $20, which includes a specially prepared sit down luncheon with 10-course gourmet Chinese specialties (including numerous vegetarian options).   The short presentation by our distinguished Nevada State Treasurer will be followed by a Q&A session.  Treasurer Dan Schwartz is in the forefront of making Education Savings Account a priority so that parents can decide on their kids education choices.  We hope to see you there. 

Every month SAPNA hosts a luncheon meeting and invite local and national leaders to share their perspectives on social, legal, political and economic issues affecting Nevada and the United States.  The luncheon provides a venue for community members to meet with the elected officials and discuss issues concerning the community.

About our Organization: SAPNA – South Asian Political Network Alliance

SAPNA – South Asian Political Network Alliance is an independent PAC formed to promote political awareness, action, advocacy, voters’ participation and civic activism in the South Asian community. This is achieved through political education, campaigning, fundraising, meet and greets, lectures, interactions with elected officials, voter registration, GOTV, and other identified political activities.

CACA – Chinese American Citizen Alliance is one of the oldest civil rights organization. The Alliance has fought against racial discrimination, defended civil rights, opposed anti-immigration movements and countered efforts to marginalize American Chinese culture and heritage. Each of the chartered lodges across the U.S. is dedicated to enhancing civic pride, supporting community services and promoting responsible citizenship.

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