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Smoke 4 U Sued by Former Employees For Labor Wage Violations

Indian-American owned Smoke 4 U with multiple locations is being sued under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in the Nevada Federal Court by two of the former employees.

Two of the former Smoke 4 U employees, P. Sandhu and T. Singh are accusing B. Sidhu dba Smoke 4 U for  the non-payment of minimum wage, overtime and break periods in violation of the FLSA.

Sandhu was hired by Smoke 4 U in September 2019 as a Store Manager for Smoke 4 U, while Singh was hired in May 2020 for a different location.  Both Sandhu and Singh were fully responsible for running the store and at most times would be the only employee present at the store.  Sandhu’s and Singh’s daily responsibilities included opening and closing the store, sales, ordering, merchandising stocking, and cleaning the store.  As per the complaint, both employees worked at the store six days a week from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., totaling almost sixty-six hours per week.  On some occasions, the duo individually worked seven days a week for a total of over seventy-five hours a week.  Smoke 4 U is accused of not paying wages for all the hours their employees actually worked, were not paid overtime and were not given meal periods or rest periods as required by law.

Sandhu was terminated in April 2021.  In October 2021, Singh was terminated as a Store Manager at the second location of Smoke 4 U.  Both, Sandhu and Singh allege they were not paid all the wages and compensation they were owed.  As per the current federal and state laws an employer shall pay to the employee wages for each hour the employee works and requires to pay its employees overtime for the time worked in one work week over forty hours.  It is alleged that Sandhu and Singh performed overtime work for which they were not compensated to the full extent.  Further it is believed that defendant Smoke 4 U did not keep complete payroll records of when and how much the managers were paid.

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  1. Kaur says:

    All those who know B. Sidhu would agree that he is a very nice and sober person. He wanted to bring out the truth about these employees mentioned in the article working and steeling in his stores. B. Sidhu did a good job exposing the employees!

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