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State Bar of Nevada Appoints Swadeep Nigam to Clients’ Security Fund Committee

State Bar of Nevada is pleased to announce the appointment of Swadeep Nigam as a public member to their Clients’ Security Fund Committee. 

The bar established the Clients’ Security fund to help reimburse those clients who have sustained a monetary loss as the result of a dishonest act of a bar member. On the rare occasions when a lawyer misappropriates or mishandles client funds, the Clients’ Security Fund steps in to honor the debt through whole or partial reimbursement.

The Committee comprises twelve members appointed by the Board of Governors; ten members are attorneys, and two public members are non-attorneys, all with voting privileges. The Committee maintains the confidentiality of all claims and reports relating to claim reimbursement and has subpoena power to compel the attendance of witnesses to testify before the clients’ security fund.

Nigam also serves as a Board Member, Secretary, and Treasurer on the Nevada State Board of Osteopathic Medicine.

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