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Taj Palace Indian Cuisine Voted Best of Las Vegas

In the annual voting for the Best of Las Vegas by the Las Vegas Review-Journal readers, Taj Palace Indian Cuisine voted the best Indian restaurant in Southern Nevada.

Review-Journal honored Taj Palace with a short description below.

There is a saying in Sanskrit, Athithi Devo Bhava, meaning “Guest is as good as God,” and at Taj Palace every employee goes by this principle. They invite guests to allow them to show their hospitality and of course, the pure flavors of India. Each meal reflects and represents the authentic taste of Indian heritage and is made to order. At Taj Palace every guest will have a unique and memorable experience.

The annual Best of Las Vegas is an annual survey of the local businesses competing for the top spot in their respective business category. As per the Review-Journal, 2020 experienced the largest number of businesses competing and the largest number of nominations received in over 350 diverse categories.

For the second spot, the Review-Journal readers voted Delhi Indian Cuisine, while Pure Indian Cuisine came third in an annual survey.

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  1. PRADIP I. BHATT says:

    Hope 2021-2022 Friends of India Executive Committee Members are Qualified Experienced Talented Wise and Mature like we used to have during 2001-2010.

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